Criminal Law

i-criminalIf you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, it is important to protect your rights and your future. One mistake early on in an investigation can result in a conviction to what could have been a dismissal.

By partnering with an experienced lawyer at Carpenter & Associates, you can protect yourself and work toward a best possible outcome and work through the system as efficiently and effectively as possible. For respected and aggressive criminal defense, contact our law firm in Albuquerque today.

Building a Solid Defense to Any Criminal Charges in New Mexico

At Carpenter & Associates, we are prepared to take the experience we have honed in thousands of New Mexico criminal defense cases to work on charges involving:

In every case, we take a comprehensive look at what is necessary in terms of discovery and make sure that our client is not being taken advantage of. In practice, this means that if there were any mistakes made by law enforcement, we will aggressively attack them in pursuit of dismissal. If we are unable to reach an acquittal, we will do whatever we can to pursue mitigation of consequences.

Our Albuquerque criminal law attorneys have a strong professional relationship with the district attorneys that enables us to negotiate in the most efficient way. We will aggressively negotiate as we advocate for you.

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