Albuquerque Gun Charges Attorneys

i-criminalIt is important to realize that the use of firearms in a crime can act as aggravating factors and greatly increase the consequence of a charge. Purchasing, possessing and carrying firearms all require following specific laws. Failure to fully comply with the law can result in serious fines, probation and jail/prison sentences.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a gun crime, it is important to understand and protect your rights as soon as possible. We are here for you.

Albuquerque Gun Charges Law Attorneys

Josh Carpenter of Carpenter & Associates is a former police officer, experienced in criminal defense cases from all angles. He will work directly with you to understand all facets of a gun charge. From there, he will undertake rigorous investigation to determine if there is any exculpatory evidence. If he is unable to work toward a dismissal, he will do everything possible to orchestrate a plea in cases involving:

  • Violations of New Mexico concealed carry laws
  • Illegal possession
  • Drug charges involving guns
  • Gun charges against immigrants
  • Hunting violations
  • Robbery
  • Unlawful discharge
  • Negligent handling of a firearm
  • Aggravated assault
  • Attempted murder
  • Murder

If you have questions, contact our Albuquerque gun charges lawyers for answers and experienced legal help. We provide free initial consultations, accept credit cards, charge competitive rates, and speak Spanish. Call our law office at 505-243-0065 or contact us online .