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i-criminalManslaughter is defined as unlawful intentional or unintentional killing of another person. Involuntary manslaughter occurs when a person is killed in a misdemeanor criminal offense or during a lawful act that kills someone due to negligence. It is a fourth-degree felony that carries up to 18 months in prison and probation. Voluntary manslaughter occurs when someone is killed in the heat of passion or in a quarrel; it is a third-degree felony.

Because of the stakes of these types of charges, it is absolutely critical to seek out an experienced legal team. We are prepared to put our comprehensive knowledge to work for you.

Albuquerque Manslaughter Law

Because he is a former police officer as well as a criminal law attorney with experience in thousands of cases, Josh Carpenter of Carpenter & Associates is ready to help you aggressively defend against any manslaughter charge. He and our team will undertake the rigorous discovery necessary to find absolutely any weakness in a prosecution’s case. If we cannot reach a dismissal, we will look to all viable defenses, including self-defense, in order to negotiate on your behalf. We are committed to preserving your long-term well-being and encourage you to get in touch.

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