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Child support disputes continue to grow in complexity in New Mexico. Once the often difficult process of mediating, negotiating or litigating a dispute and reaching an agreement is reached, further issues may arise over child support modification and enforcement. Child support disputes in paternity actions can come as a surprise many years after the birth of a child, and involve tens of thousands of dollars in arrearages.

At the Albuquerque, New Mexico, offices of Carpenter & Associates, we have the experience to provide you with quick and effective child support legal help, because we have handledthousands of family law and child support-related lawsuits.

Do you have questions regarding your right to receive child support payments? Have you been asked to pay what you believe are excessive or unfair child support payments? We can help. Contact Carpenter & Associates at 505-243-0065.

Founding lawyer Josh Carpenter is a court-appointed guardian ad litem, empowered to advocate for children, and is experienced in protecting your rights and the rights of your child. We can work with you, using court guidelines and formulas to argue for child support payments that are fair and will allow you to adequately provide for your child or fall within the amount you are reasonably able to pay.

In addition, we can:

  • Work to enforce child support agreements through judgments, wage garnishment or liens on real property; failure to pay child support payments constitute an automatic lienon any real property you own.
  • Work to modify your existing arrangement for reasons including a change in employment, relocation and changes in expenses relating to your child.
  • Pursue or defend against child support payments related to paternity issues. Under New Mexico law, once paternity has been established, a mother can request child support payments, including any payments in arrears up to 17 years after the birth of a child.

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