Enforcement Of Orders

albequerque-adoptionThe difficult process of settling a divorce dispute may not end when the court enters the final decree. You may be facing a situation in which your ex-spouse is withholding support that is rightfully yours. If you are struggling to obtain child or spousal support from your ex-spouse, you may feel like you have nobody on your side. You are not, however, without remedies.

The family law attorneys at the Albuquerque, New Mexico, law office of Carpenter & Associates know how hard you fought for your right to child or spousal support. We can help. Contact usregarding your right to an enforcement motion of your divorce orders.

Violation of a court order is a serious matter. If you are being denied support from an ex-spouse, you have the right to address this matter in front of a judge. Regardless of whether or not the other party is refusing to pay or due to changes in their economic status cannot make payments; you may be left with a very difficult financial situation.

Benefit From The Experience Of The Lawyers At Carpenter & Associates

Founding lawyer Josh Carpenter works with your family to ensure that your right to spousal or child support is recognized by the court. Some of the information that the enforcement of orders motion will contain include:

  • Which provisions within the court order were violated
  • How the other party has violated the court ordered provisions
  • If the violation is financial, what amount is owed
  • What you would like to achieve as a result of the violation

The enforcement of orders request can also be entered to enforce a child custody or alimony arrangement. It can also address a failure of a spouse to follow a court-ordered property division decree. Although you may not be able to retrieve the property in question, we can seek to have you compensated financially for any items that cannot be retrieved.

For answers on how we can help you retrieve the support that is rightfully yours, contact us for a free initial consultation.