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There are several variations of paternity disputes, including:

  • A mother wishing to establish paternity, at birth or many years later, for reasons involving child support payments or the desire for her children to have a relationshipwith their father
  • Fathers may bring paternity actions to gain visitation rights or even fight for custody.
  • A father may wish to challenge a paternity lawsuit that may force him to pay huge amounts of child support arrearages.
  • Actions may also be brought as a way to enforce court-ordered child support payments.

At the Albuquerque, New Mexico, family law firm of Carpenter & Associates, we have handled hundreds of paternity-related lawsuits. We have the experience to provide you with timely, efficient and cost-effective legal help for your paternity, child custody and child support matters.

Have you received notice of a paternity action against you? Do you have questions regarding how to prove the paternity of your child, and to receive child support payments? Contact Carpenter & Associates at 505-243-0065.

We have represented numerous mothers and alleged fathers in a broad range of paternity-related situations. Paternity actions can also arise between married people, although this is far less common. In a recent case, our client was sued for child support payments by his wife after he returned home from overseas while serving in the Navy. We were able to establish that he was not in fact the father of the child in question and successfully terminated his child support payment obligation. We also successfully recovered his full attorney’s fees.

If you are interested in learning more about your rights regarding paternity, contact our office. We offer no-charge discussions regarding paternity, child support and all other aspects of family law.

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