Same-Sex Divorce

albequerque-adoptionSame-sex marriage is now legal in New Mexico and the state extends recognition to same-sex marriages that occur in New Mexico and other states. Inevitably though, some same-sex spouses will decide to divorce.

What comes next? How will you resolve the many issues that come with divorce? Will you be able to recover your rightful share of the marital estate? If there are children, what arrangements will be made for their care and what kind of role will you play in their lives?

Guiding You To A Better Future

Carpenter & Associates is an experienced family law firm that provides answers to these and other questions facing LGBT people who are divorcing. We provide results-oriented representation and compassionate counsel to people whose lives are changing in dramatic and unpredictable ways. To learn more about the divorce process and how we can assist you, call us at 505-349-0989.

Seeking Positive Solutions To Issues Of Property Division, Children And Support

Our family law lawyers have years of experience helping people make a successful transition to life after divorce. When we represent you, we will learn about your concerns, your financial situation and your hopes for the future. Based on these and other factors, we will then develop a legal strategy designed to resolve issues involving community property, children and support.

Often, this involves negotiation or mediation of a settlement of the outstanding issues that enables our client to move forward in life in a positive manner. This approach can also keep legal costs reasonable and reduce the emotional stress and uncertainty that can accompany divorce. However, if necessary, we will be prepared to litigate issues involving community property division or child custody to protect your rights and interests.

Free Consultation With An Attorney

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