Spousal Support Prenuptial Agreements

albequerque-adoptionIf you are seeking a divorce in New Mexico, how do you determine what rights you have regarding spousal support? Who can ensure that your alimony rights will be effectively pursued and enforced? What happens if you have a prenuptial agreement or are seeking unique spousal maintenance fees?

At Carpenter & Associates, we have successfully resolved thousands of family law disputes, including complex issues involving spousal support. Our lawyers understand the many complex issues that affect spousal support and how to make effective arguments in court. We will work diligently to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Spousal Support In New Mexico

In New Mexico, there are three types of alimony:

Rehabilitative — Typically reserved for shorter marriages. Rehabilitative alimony helps a spouse reach the place he or she was in prior to the marriage. For instance, it can enable a stay-at-home parent pay for schooling or help a spouse obtain remedial training needed to re-enter his or her profession.

Transitional — Usually awarded in midrange-length marriages of about five to 15 years. Transitional spousal support can be allocated to help a spouse pay for school, a mortgage, an apartment, a car or other important expenses for a set period of time.

Permanent — Granted for most long-term marriages. Permanent alimony can address large income discrepancies, and is enforced until a spouse remarries or dies.

Alimony is not guaranteed. As experienced family law lawyers, we can help you understand alimony law and fight for your rights. If you are entitled to receive spousal support, we can work to effectively demonstrate your need for financial assistance, whether for training, for making ends meet or for affordable housing. If you are contesting the payment of spousal support, we can argue your case and seek to obtain your goal.

If a significant change in circumstances has occurred, we can represent you in court, seeking to obtain a modification in a spousal support order.

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