New Mexico will crack down on parents not paying child support which is a continuation of activities occurring throughout the state for the past four years in New Mexico related to child support enforcement. New Mexico continues to break state records for child support enforcement. New Mexico’s child support collection program has received recognition for its effectiveness. The child support bench warrant is in place through the end of August. Currently, greater than 700 parents have had bench warrants placed for child support-related issues. A warning went out to parents that law enforcement authorities will hold them accountable if they do not fulfill their support obligations.

New Mexico parents may pay the full amount due by the end of August to receive amnesty. During the amnesty period, however, parents can be arrested if pulled over by authorities. Local law enforcement will also conduct a roundup of parents who have not responded to their warrant. Paying parents who are unable to pay the full amount owed may receive a reduced payment or negotiate a payment plan for the past due child support with the approval of the recipient parent and the issuing court.

Child support enforcement programs are designed to ensure that the needs of children are met and can include serious consequences for parents who fail to pay required child support. While the child support enforcement process seeks to ensure recipient parents receive required child support from paying parents, the family law system also provides potential options and solutions for parents who are struggling to meet required child support obligations.

Parents who have experienced a significant change in circumstances, for instance, may be able to seek a child support modification from the court. Because of the importance of child support and the serious nature of child support enforcement, it is important for parents to promptly address the situation, including a request for a child support modification.

Source: Ruidoso News, “Child support violators to be rounded up,” Aug. 11, 2015